Welcome to GOMES FAME!

Please read the Welcome Letter 2019-2020 before you begin!

What is FAME?

FAME (Fine Arts Mini Experience) is a school-based art and music program funded by PTA. Volunteers do it all, and we need your help to make FAME a success. FAME players are parent volunteers who team-teach an art/music appreciation lesson to the individual classes. Your child will be delighted to see mom or dad in his/her classroom! No experience or knowledge of art or music is necessary. All information and materials are supplied. You can learn right along with your children and see how much fun it is! The lessons range from 20-25 minutes for 1st grade to 45-60 minutes for 5th or 6th.

Artistic Perception: Learning about artistic elements through the senses to develop a deeper awareness of light, color, sound, movement, and composition to heighten ordinary perception. (FAME's interactive theory and follow-up lessons rev up appreciation.)

Creative Expression: Producing art by creating or performing the creations of others. (Even "art phobic" teachers find follow-up lessons in ALL disciplines comfortable.)

Historical and Cultural Context: Understanding the arts in the context of the time & place of their creation. (FAME's pictorial timeline makes it easy!)

Aesthetic Valuing: Analyzing & developing criteria for making informed judgments to promote lifelong, fulfilling experience in the arts. (FAME's study of simple but fundamental elements of art and music gives students a way to understand the arts.)